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Writing Giants

Surf the web and you will see that the subject of writing is well-charted territory. No matter what your goal, a how-to manual is there to support it. Need to write grant proposals, company newsletters, technical manuals, instructional design or academic materials? Industry experts abound to provide a sea of knowledge about any aspect of writing imaginable. For advice on how to create fiction, it seems logical to consult some of the successful authors and writing giants among us. As I began researching books on writing by authors, Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft kept appearing on the horizon. I extrapolated all that I could from that book and have started recommending it to other writers. Some of his tips include writing the first draft of a manuscript with door closed, consulting an ‘ideal reader’ that represents the audience, writing consistently each day (1,000 words or more), and writing about what thewriter really knows, because…

Gumbeaux Interview – WNB Authors Show

The San Diego County resident Kimberly Vargas was recently interviewed. This was hosted by Danielle Hampson and Don McCauley of The Authors Show. If you’re interested in literature, or podcasts, then you’ll enjoy this. You can find the entire 15 minute audio interview on YouTube. Simply click the link below.

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